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Craftsmanship and dedication results in the creation of high quality pewter jewellery, richly plated with real gold or silver, set with genuine Swarovski crystals and jewellery stones -all entirely hand finished at Inspired Treasures.  Here, we have for sale, choices that are truly fit for a queen and include, as part of our contemporary and historic and royal designer jewellery collection, some really stunningly created jewellery collections.  All are available for sale and represent memorable gift and memorabilia investments.

 Customer base:

The real and regal quality of our jewellery products is mirrored by an impressive customer base which includes the Tower of London, Kensington Palace, Edinburgh Castle and exclusive gift shops around the world.

The choices we offer are backed by our complete dedication, and meticulous subject research and exceptional knowledge and expertise.  These factors are acknowledged by the ever increasing numbers of discerning customers as they wonder at the standard and choices of our exceptional jewellery collections and Royal and historic commemorative items.


At Inspired Treasures, our current pleasure is to introduce you to:

Crowns and Regalia:

An impressive range of hand-made jewellery and miniature crown jewels. Every product is created by experienced craftsmen, with many items richly plated with real gold or silver. Regalia from the Coronation, Scotland and Wales, as well as Historic Crowns from the UK and Europe accompany many pieces of jewellery and a wide range of gifts including  1/12th scale miniatures of the most famous Crown Jewels from European countries such as France, Germany, Spain and Holland. Each piece has been researched in depth, and is recreated in high quality pewter, richly plated with real gold or silver, set with genuine Swarovski crystals and jewellery stones and entirely hand finished. A brief history is included with every piece. Wonder at our online  miniature crown jewel collections, jewellery, earrings, royal and historic commemorative items, gifts and souvenirs for sale and see the stunning diamond set Crown of Russia, The Papal Triple Tiara and some of the most famous crowns and regalia from France, Germany, Holland, Russia, Bavaria & Spain. All made with the highest quality materials and genuine crystals. The range also includes:-

Historic Jewellery:

This is sumptuously crafted costume jewellery, using nickel free alloys, 18 carat gold plating and Swarovski crystals and in styles that are Roman, Byzantine, Renaissance and Baroque; Napoleonic, Victorian and Art Nouveau.  Historically, pieces range in sterling silver from Shakespeare's ring to Mrs Pankhurst's brooch but other choices include soldiers’ and gladiators’ weapons, jewellery, coins, spoons and much more.  With eye-catching products for every Roman site, historic crosses in costume jewellery in silver and 9 carat gold and Royal, Imperial and Papal Crowns in miniature; are discerning customers really are spoilt for choice.

Designer Jewellery:

Designed exclusively by Nicholas Humphery-Smith, the range has a distinct 'Historic and Royal' influence, which probably comes from 'Being British and proud of it'!

Many pieces are based on the crown jewels, while some, like the 'Tudor' range, are influenced by original paintings of Henry VIII, Katherine of Aragon and James I. Our range of 'Royal' Teddy Bear brooches are much loved and everyone can have their own 'Royal' family by collecting them! Matching sets or 'Parures' are available. Alternatively, each item can be purchased separately, so that you can build your own 'Royal Collection', or make a designer gift that is of the highest quality and totally unusual.

Every exquisite piece of designer jewellery has a brief history of the inspiration for the design, and details of how it is made.

Ear-studs are fitted with stainless steel posts and like the clips have comfort backs. Brooches have safety catches, and nickels and collars have 'Lobster Claw' safety catches. Austrian Crystal Jewellery stones and Faux pearls are used throughout, and all items are plated in genuine Gold or Silver.

For information on items not available on our web site, please telephone Inspired Treasures on 01303 857200 or contact us.